About Us

In some ways, Bigger Chicken began in the year 2020 and in other ways, it began in the year 1990.  

At age 13 in 1990 (please don't do the math on that) I started to develop a real love for the T-shirts that I had.  One in particular, a "Boy's Don't Cry" shirt by the band The Cure really made me feel pretty special.  A little more confident than I probably needed to be.  A little cooler in my mind than I definitely was.  It was my favorite shirt.  It started me on a path that has since never wavered.  

The Beginnings of a Smaller Chicken

I started thrifting for shirts from Goodwill (a practice that, in those days, was akin to dumpster-diving).  I started buying them from local businesses, like a boiled peanut stand on the side of the road (which is a real thing and I wish I still had that shirt). 

I was often complimented (or at the very least, mentioned) for my wide variety of obscure and quirky shirts.  

I started becoming more and more interested in art in general, and how shirts are essentially affordable, wearable calling cards designed to highlight the type of aesthetic you enjoy, cultural iconography you identify with or even the framework in which you feel the most comfortable. 

It's a perfect storm, for me, to be able to collect art for a minimum investment AND be able to wear it on your person to help tell the story of who you are. 

So, when I say that I've owned an excess of at least two thousand t-shirts, you maybe won't look at me like that.  It's a passion, ok? 

Cut all the way to 2020. 

When the world changed last year it gave many of us some time to reflect on what's working and what's not, both in the world and in our own lives.  For some of us, there was an opportunity to make some changes.   

I know that as a single father, I needed to pivot my approach and outlook to parenting.  Instead of letting my son grow up watching me be unhappy in my work in the name of sacrifice, I want him to grow up watching me love what I'm doing.  Thrilled to be doing it.  Passionate about it and good at it.  That's the way he's going to learn to pursue his own happiness.  

I think we all deserve the chance to do what makes us happy.  

And so our goal with Bigger Chicken is to make you feel the way we've always felt about shirts. Comfortable. Confident. 

Cooler than you probably are. :)

But above all, we want to make you feel seen.  And happy.